Loans Available From Peter Fisher & Co. (Sydney)

A variety of loans is available from Peter Fisher & Co. (Sydney). These are listed below. Click the See more ... link to see more about each type of loan.

Residential Loans

A variety of residential loans is available.

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Industrial Loans

Loans for Industrial, Retail and Commercial Real Estate from $100,000 to multi-millions.

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Retail Loans

Loans for retail developments.

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Bridging Loans

For borrowers requiring short term loans for a variety of real estate uses (business or investment purposes).

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Rural Loans

We support the rural industry, servicing the entire eastern side of Australia. We support a varying range of applications

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Hotels & Motels

Loans for hotels and motels in a variety of areas.

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Provision of construction loans for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

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Business Finance

Turn your debtor invoices into cash payments - a very popular medium which creates an increased cash flow for the borrower.

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Second Mortgage

Second mortgage loans for people living in main cities.

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Leases & Corporate HP

Loans for cars, buses, trucks, farm machinery and earth moving equipment.

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Other Acceptable Securities

Loans for childcare centres, nursing homes, service stations, car parking stations and private hospitals.

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Interest Rates

Information on interest rates applicable to each loan application.

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The details and descriptions of all loan products are indicative only and do not constitute an offer, under any circumstances.

To receive more comprehensive information, applicants are required to contact Peter Fisher & Co. (Sydney) either by use of their enquiry form or by any other means.

Applications will be treated on their merit with no guarantees as to their being granted a loan.